Thursday, February 19, 2015

KDP Select FTW!

Greetings Fellow Readers,

I listed Shadow Galactic's relaunch on Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, Nook Store and Google Play.  Only Amazon came through for me. As someone who knows very little about how to effectively market anything (let alone a self-published ebook), I made use of Google's and Apple's promotional tools.  Sales were not impacted at all by the either promotion.

Whatever else Amazon is doing, their KDP Select promotional tools have been highly effective.  So while I had resisted returning to the shackles of Amazon-exclusivity, it has provided the only effective promotional tools I have used to date.  As such, my amazing wife and partner in crime has pulled all but the Amazon link down.

I was going to write something about pay-to-play and its effect on the music industry then juxtapose that against the free to self-publish model, and the effects (both good and bad) that such models have had on both industries, but then I realized I'm not really qualified to rant about that.  =)  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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